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The Diary of an EV Virgin - The Challenge

The Diary of an EV Virgin - The Challenge


My final session shouting enthusiastically at a group of individuals frantically pedalling for their life was about to end. It would be my last spin class as I was about to embark on a new career. Whilst I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, I decided at the ripe age of 44 that I needed a change and to try something completely new.


A friend was involved in electric vehicle (EV) chargers and would speak enthusiastically about the continued advances in electric cars. Whilst I have always been fascinated with technology, the electric automotive industry was something that had never appeared on my radar. I was aware of an increase in EV’s as I could see more and more appearing on the roads during the school run, but I never thought any more about them.


During a catch up with my friend, I explained I was looking for a complete career change, at which point he was keen to suggest that Charge-M8 were looking for someone to support with marketing and advertising  and if it would be of interest. As a believer in the ‘right place at the right time’, I went for the interview with the owner.


Of course, he was naturally very impressed with me (I can only assume ☺ ), and I was awarded a position within the company. My first day started with learning where the kettle was and creating a Neil-shaped impression in my new office chair; he then gave me a company induction like no other.


My first challenge, should I choose to take it, over which I had no choice, was to drive his car for a week!!! He explained that If I am to properly embrace the industry and become educated in the world of EV charging, then it should start with becoming an EV owner albeit for a short duration. Of course, I had two choices I could politely refuse as having never driven an electric car before, I would worry about stuffing it into a hedge when I confuse the windscreen wiper for a warp speed button (I assume electric cars must have warp speed). Or showcase to my new employer that I am a man for a challenge and thrive in such circumstances. Also, as mentioned previously, I had no choice but to say yes!


To be continued…