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Charge-m8® Standard Installation

All Charge-m8 AC EV chargers include standard installation, which will cover the majority of domestic and some workplace/commercial installations. Geographic restrictions apply, contact us for more information

Installation Information

Workplace and commercial installations will more often than not require a first fix installation stage before a Charge-m8 engineer can install your EV charger. Charge-m8 have national first-fix installation partners who will quote for any first-fix works required before you confirm your Charge-m8 order.

We will ask you to complete a simple form on our website and upload some images of your desired installation location, and your existing electrical system. A Charge-m8 technical expert will review the information provided and assess the requirements to check if you qualify for standard installation, and advise if any other first-fix works are required. You can complete the survey form online here.

Charge-m8® standard EV Chargepoint installation includes:
  • Fixing your Charge-m8 EV charger within your designated off-street parking area, to a suitable load-bearing surface at a height to avoid collision damage, using appropriate fixings to ensure safe operation
  • Up to 15 meters of the required specification power cable, from your consumer unit/distribution board or electricity supply meter to the desired location of your Charge-m8 EV charger
  • Where using a WI-FI network connection, configuration and connection to a suitable strength home WI-FI signal (2.4ghz only)
  • Where using an ethernet network connection, up to 5 meters of the network cable, from a conveniently located home network plug or RJ45 socket (not provided) to the desired location of your Charge-m8 EV charger
  • Where installed on an external wall, the drilling of a hole up to 500mm depth is included
  • Depending on your system and specification of your chosen Charge-m8 model, your Charge-m8 engineer may also install either an earth protection unit or an earth electrode in the vicinity of the Charge-m8 EV Charger
  • The Charge-m8 Engineer will thoroughly test all electrical connections and protections required for the EV charger to function safely, and all works carried out by Charge-m8 engineers are in compliance with BS 7671:2018 and the IET Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation 3rd Edition

Charge-m8® standard EV Chargepoint installation DOESN’T include and Charge-m8® engineers are unable to:

  • Complete installations where for reasons of Heath & Safety, two engineers are required to be present
  • Work at heights in excess of 2.4m or where it is reasonably deemed unsafe to do so
  • work within or access roof spaces to run cables
  • run cables under floorboards or through ducting or voids
  • trench cables underground
  • prepare groundworks for the installation of an optional pedestal stand
  • suspend cables above ground
  • whilst Charge-m8® engineers are issued with a waterproof cover for external work, severe heavy wind & rain may result in the installation being postponed if it is deemed unsafe to continue

Any first-fix works required must be completed to the required standard before an installation date can be confirmed.

How long does standard installation take?

Charge-m8® allow up to 4 hours for each standard installation, however as all installations are of course unique, and depending on any first-fix works, some installations may take longer than others.

Read our full terms and conditions here.


Installation Steps


First-Fix Requirements:


Following review of your completed online survey, a Charge-m8 technical expert may advise that some first-fix works are required to complete the installation to our high standards and in compliance with BS 7671:2018 and the IET Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation 3rd Edition.

Smaller first-fix works that can be completed by the Charge-m8® engineer on the day, including installation of an independent isolation switch for the EV charger supply, or cross bonding of utility supplies (such as gas or water).

More significant first-fix works will require the services of other trades/contractors, such as:

  1. working at heights in excess of 2.4m or where it is reasonably deemed unsafe to do so
  2. working within or accessing roof spaces to run cables
  3. running cables under floorboards or through ducting or voids
  4. trenching cables underground
  5. suspending cables above ground
  6. groundwork preparation for the installation of an optional pedestal mount for your EV charger
  7. upgrades to your electrical supply to provide sufficient capacity for your charger(s)


Preparing for your installation day:


To ensure that your Charge-m8® engineer can complete the installation without delay, please ensure that:

  • You have notified us of your home Wi-Fi details or provided a suitable home network plug connection where required (depending on EV charger specification)
  • the installation location, consumer unit and electricity supply meter is clear including all areas that the Charge-m8® engineer will need to access

What if I need to rearrange my installation?

As Charge-m8® engineers are booked in advance, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible, and no later than 24 hours before the confirmed installation appointment time.

Where a minimum twenty-four (24) hours’ notice is not provided, or if you fail to meet the Charge-m8 Installer within a reasonable time (sixty (60) minutes of the agreed time), except for situations that would reasonably be described as Force Majeure, a failed installation fee of £100 will be payable to cover the Charge-m8® engineers time and travel costs.


What is the process on the day of installation?

  1. Your Charge-m8® engineer will aim to arrive within your given time slot where possible. If Your Charge-m8® engineer is going to be delayed, they will call you to let you know as soon as possible. Whilst we expect standard installation to take 4 hours or less, please allow additional time in case any additional remedial works are required
  2. Your Charge-m8® engineer will ask you to show them your off-street parking, power supply and confirm your preferred EV Charger installation point
  3. The Charge-m8® engineer will complete a suitability check of the proposed installation, and also a safety check of your existing electrical supply before commencing installation
  4. Once all pre-installation checks are complete, your Charge-m8® engineer will begin the installation of your new EV Charger
  5. Your Charge-m8® engineer will commission and test your ChargePoint to ensure everything is working correctly
  6. Your Charge-m8® engineer will give you a demonstration of the features and use of your new Charge-m8® EV charger and answer any questions that you may have before asking you to confirm that the installation has been completed to your satisfaction